Diane and David (Colorado)

Diane and David (Colorado)

Visited April 2019

When my husband and I entered the school compound, we saw colorful murals painted on many of the buildings. These buildings housed dormitories, workshops, common areas, and classrooms. Shade trees and flowering bushes created a cool canopy from the warm weather. Our family joined Pete upstairs in his BLUE room. About 20 children with ages ranging from 5 to 8 joined us and sat quietly as Pete told his story about coming to Tanzania and falling in love with the people, the town of Arusha, and the children who needed his and his wife’s support. 

My husband Dave has always been the “Play Daddy” with children. Soon his attention started to drift from what Pete was saying to catching the eyes of the children sitting around him. With some, he teased with his two fingers walking like “fingerman”. With others, he sat them on his lap for a bouncy ride.

Once Pete finished his piece, the children held Dave’s hand and exited to the play yard where Dave began a game of “red light -green light”. Without translation, the children understood to move forward when Dave’s back was turned and to stop when he jumped around to face them. It was delightful to watch. Something so simple crossed culture and continental barriers and shed goodwill of love and caring to these precious children. Once again, the greatest desire of children is to be loved.

We have so many fond memories of our travels with Kay and Paul and our visit to the Children’s Home.  It’s really something everyone should pay particular attention to.  When we think of Tanzania as a third world country, they are doing First World wonders with the children and we should not let that go unnoticed.

If you’ve been inspired by our guest’s stories, please feel free to donate to our worthy organization. No matter how small, even $1 from everyone who reads this will go towards the education and living expenses for our children in Tanzania. Donate Here.


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It was 2008 when my parents asked me to live in UAACC. At that time I was 5 years old. I did not know how to talk I was very scared. But after few days I captured the environment over there in UAACC. In UAACC I lived with other people but always my fellow leaders of tomorrow.

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Visiting with the children on two of our trips to Tanzania made our trips complete. One would think the safaris, wild animals, or the food would be top on the list, but, it’s not. The graciousness of our host, whom I respectfully call “Mr. Pete,” and his wife,

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Mama Kay asked us to share our words about our experience from the time we lived at the Leaders of Tomorrow Children’s Home.  These are my words.

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