Happyness Joshua Mbise

The children in Tanzania’s first language is Kiswahili, but they do speak English quite well.  We have chosen not to make corrections to their stories as they are quite understandable even though the English structure may not be perfect.  Therefore, these are their words! 

Mama Kay asked us to share our words about our experience from the time we lived at the Leaders of Tomorrow Children’s Home.  These are my words.

My name is Happyness Joshua Mbise. When I was five years old, I got an opportunity to live at UAACC (The united African Alliance Community center). It was on June 2008 when the Leaders of tomorrow children’s home program was introduced by Mzee Pete oneal and his wife Charlotte hill oneal. I have lived at UAACC for thirteen years. I met a lot of people with unique character as they received me with love and raised me as their own child. They have played an important role in my life as they have changed my entire life. They made me have hope of living a better life a life that at the beginning I didn’t have but they made it possible for me and the other leaders of tomorrow because I wasn’t by myself but with other children whose life did not differ from mine. During my life at UAACC I met a lot of important people who have been a great support to the children  home program.  Such people are like Mama Kay, Mama Millie, Loureen , Lucy, and so many others. I also give especial thanks to Mzee Pete and Mama Charllote because they are the main people who helped me to reach this far. They have managed to fulfill all my needs in education and also in my life they assured that I got better primary and secondary education.  This photo was THEN.

In UAACC I learned how to read books in which at first I really did not know how to read even a single word. Through reading books I got a lot of knowledge and experience which supported me in my education and I also learned hoe to use computer which helped me to get more knowledge through the Internet. From the internet I also learned many things such as astronomy and the history of different people.

I have learned many things at UAACC which I couldn’t get in any other place some of the documentary which I have watched when I was at UAACC made me develop high brain capacity which has been among the source of my success in education issues.

I take this chance to thank all the people wo have played a part in the development [process of the leaders of tomorrow children home program. I really appreciate the support I got from UAACC because it was among the contribution of the creation of my future.

Lastly, I have learned that no one in this world is able to survive alone every creature depends on one another to live. May the almighty God rise UAACC more so that it can be able to raise more other children so that they can achieve their dreams.

This photo is NOW.

 Yours faithfully


If you’ve been inspired by our guest’s stories, please feel free to donate to our worthy organization. No matter how small, even $1 from everyone who reads this will go towards the education and living expenses for our children in Tanzania. Donate Here.


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My name is Marsha Tyler, and I unfortunately have not had the opportunity to attend a Make A Difference, but I have met Pete, Charlotte, and the kids on one of my safari trips with Safari Kay. We didn’t spend much time there, but I was so touched by the kids and the efforts of Pete’s and Charlotte’s Leaders of Tomorrow program.


My sister Janet and I had a wonderful time visiting the children at the school. It was so rewarding to see your (Kay’s) efforts are truly paying off for the children. They have a very nice classroom for their lessons and to learn life skills.


I have traveled with Safari Kay to Tanzania on “2” of her journeys. The animals were incredible but the CHILDREN of the Leaders of Tomorrow Children’s Home was the highlight of both my incredible experiences.

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