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Most frequent questions and answers

The Make A Difference Safari is a give back community support program.  As such, part of it is a not for profit venture.  When you stay at the school, any money received for your room and board, go directly to the Children’s Home for their benefit.  Every Make A Difference is different and the owner of Destined To Travel makes the determination as to how much goes towards the Children’s Home. This may be dependent on the length of the Safari and the length of the stay at the Children’s Home.

The Make A Difference group stays at the Children’s Home for a specific number of nights, usually 3-5.  These are very basic accommodations, and we ask everyone to bring their own towels and toiletries.  This is where the children live and you are right there with them.  You may stay in bunk beds all together or you may have different rooms, it all depends on availability at the time.  Everyone should understand that this is about the children, not about how fancy your accommodations are or are not.  We organize the program around your specific skills and talents, so everyone has a chance to share them with the children.

No, there is a cost for this program, and that will depend on many factors, such as: season, length of stay, length of safari, and accommodations.
The Make A Difference Safari’s started when the owner of Destined To Travel, after years of taking her guests to the school, were in need of so many things to help them improve in their life, and their education. Thoughts about how to do this swirled in her mind, until she actually just jumped in, in February 2016 and decided it was now or never.  We brought together seven people who wanted the experience of sharing with the children from another country and bringing them information from the United States of America.  You never know what you say or do or bring that can change a child’s life in an underdeveloped country.  We have since found out, that the rewards are extraordinarily beneficial.
The Children’s Home is in Tanzania, Africa.
We make that determination as we organize the program, whether it’s 3, 4, or 5 nights. How many people can we accommodate, how much time do we have to have in order for everyone to share with the children. It’s not regimented, so we try to take as many who are interested in having the experience and work it out.

This will vary according to the year.  We try to change it up each year, because we do have repeat guests who return year after year, and we want to offer them something new for the safari portion.

The program is designed around the Children’s Home and Making A Difference.  It is not designed around the safari, or one would be booking a regular safari.  If we offer a long safari and only a few nights at the school, most would not be able to afford it.  We try to keep the price down, because we do have  young adults in college making this trip, and older adults who want the giving back community support program experience. Therefore, in order for the children to benefit, we make the focus on them, rather than the safari.
No, everyone has something to share, everyone knows more than someone else on a specific subject, everyone is worth more than they think they are, and we just want you to share.  You don’t have to be a doctor, a lawyer or any other professional.  You may be a mom who loves to tell stories and who’s good at it, you may be a student who wants to share how you decided on your career path that you are still on, or you may be a couple who wants to teach the children about your past career now that you’ve retired. Any number of ideas come to mind, you are limitless when you think about what you can share.