Meet the Team


(on the right) Director Leaders of Tomorrow Children’s Home (LOTCH). She is the go to person for the children and for Pete O’Neal, founder. Mwajabu has been with the school since inception and has been the key focus of it’s success, guiding the children daily and ensuring that the kids meet the standards set for the program, i.e., discipline, responsibility, and manners. The children see her as ‘mommy’ for she fulfills that role perfectly.


(on the right) Lauren is the US Director & Kay’s niece. She has been the central person who has kept the Make A Difference Safari going, from day 1. She has participated on every Make A Difference Safari since it began and was instrumental in helping set up the program with Kay. Between Kay and Lauren, they recruit participants for the Make A Difference Safari each year. Lauren develops the program based upon the skills, talents and professions of the participants and what they plan to share with the children. For instance, Lauren herself is a professional ROLFER and as such, she works on the children individually and explains to them why it is so important that they know the workings of their body, so they can maintain it properly, with the right foods, exercise and care.

Mama C

Mama C (Charlotte O’Neal) is the wife of Pete O’Neal and co-founder of UAACC. Together, they have built a community of talent, of knowledge, of a wealth, of information and a community of volunteers, all working and giving their time to the UAACC community. Teachers, Musicians, Poets, Artists are all recruited from the community to help teach and share their talents with the children. Volunteer teachers teach English to the children, or tutor them in their area of need. Mama C, as she is affectionately know, is a talented singer, musician, poet, spoken word, artist, painter in her own right. She can be seen throughout Tanzania performing her art and music. She is often a headliner at many of Tanzania’s hot spots.

Emma Maasai

Emma Maasai is a volunteer with UAACC. He does most everything, from helping build buildings, to helping and instilling goodness in the children. He is a skilled and talented musician, and is often seen playing with Mama C as backup or forefront in some cases, and entertaining crowds with their beautiful music. Emma has written and directed videos, music videos, and has been instrumental in working with Mama C. He’s a very good photographer and I invited him on safari once to take photos of my group, and then brought him a computer and gave him my camera, so he could continue his work, not on an outdated computer and non-functioning camera. Emma has been a blessing to all he serves, and we look forward to hearing good things about his progress in the future.