The children in Tanzania’s first language is Kiswahili, but they do speak English quite well.  We have chosen not to make corrections to their stories as they are quite understandable even though the English structure may not be perfect.  Therefore, these are their words! 

Hello my name is Joyce  Mathew from napoko  I was born in 9th may 2002 I started school when I was raised up known as UAACC.

UAACC member had raised me as my real parents they took me since was 6 to be joined as the leader   of tomorrow . I then start again class o at a school known as imbaseni  primary school . in class four I done my national examination and I passed, thus I was chosen to join class five in class  vii again I done my nation examination and I got grade b. And also I was among those who were chosen to join secondary school.

In 2017 I was in form 1 at ngongongare secondary school. In from  ii I done my national examination and I got division I when. I entered form iii. UAACC  and friends of UAACC decided to shift me to another  school known as renea girls secondary school at njiro. Renea girls secondary school had pushed me so hard to were I am now when  I was in form IV, I done my national examination again and  I got division II. I really appreciate the support of UAACC member together with the supporting me in my level of education.

During the time I stayed at UAACC since 2008 I had experienced many thing. Such as speaking and writing English, astrical works which was  lead by Mama C, also remember that grandpa told me that I should  never  give up and instead  I should keep on trying. Due to UAACC and the friends of UAACC  I had passed all my national examinations I had done from primary  up to secondary school. UAACC had change my life. My dream was to graduate and due to UAACC  members and the friend  of UAACC  I had graduated!

I really appreciate their support and also I say thanks for supporting their support and also I say  thanks for supporting me in my studies. They had shown me the right way to walk through and not the wrong  way.  They are very amazing people. Since they always gave me wisdom words to walk with wherever I go. I say thanks to UAACC and the friend of UAACC  for their  support they  had gave me!

If you’ve been inspired by our guest’s stories, please feel free to donate to our worthy organization. No matter how small, even $1 from everyone who reads this will go towards the education and living expenses for our children in Tanzania. Donate Here.

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