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A Safari With A Mission

The Make A Difference safari offers an opportunity for guests to give back and help the community and the 28+ disadvantaged youth that reside at this Children’s Home. Appropriately called the Leaders of Tomorrow Children’s Home, these young children, age 6 – 19, aspire to be leaders in their community in various fields of education. They have a thirst for education and TZMAD assists with providing tuition for the children as they enter high school.


Each year, Destined To Travel brings guests from all walks of life to share their profession, skills and talents with the children and the children share with the guests about their country. The children attend school and have private tutoring regularly. Our guests may take them on field trips or organize different activities with the children. They will stay at the Children’s home for 3-5 nights, and may participate on a 2-4 night safari at the end.

" It is our hope and the hopes of the founders, that these young minds develop into leaders where national leadership is within the realm of their possibilities, hence the name “Leaders of Tomorrow" Children’s Home."
Safari Kay

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