The children in Tanzania’s first language is Kiswahili, but they do speak English quite well.  We have chosen not to make corrections to their stories as they are quite understandable even though the English structure may not be perfect.  Therefore, these are their words! 

It was 2008 when my parents asked me to live in UAACC. At that time I was 5 years old. I did not know how to talk I was very scared. But after few days I captured the environment over there in UAACC. In UAACC I lived with other people but always my fellow leaders of tomorrow.

In 2009 I started class one (1) at Imbaseni Primary school. During the year I did not know how to talk but also to speak English. So Babu Peter decided to find a teacher whose name was Mr. Sangito who helped us in speaking, reading and writing English so that I can get use to the language.

In 2013 I entered in my class four National Examination (NECTA) the exam showed me that I had improved a lot because I got good grades (A’s and B’s). I was so excited! Therefore I determined that the teacher who helped me (Mr Sangito) was very talented.

Also in 2016 I was graduated in my primary school class seven also I passed my National Examination and joined secondary education. Also my class seven examination I got a very good grade (again A’s and B’s). Therefore .

In 2017 I joined my secondary school at Ngongongare secondary school. In Ngongongare school I started nine subjects which was Kiswahili, English, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, History, Civics, Geography and……………. Some of the subject like physics and chemistry.

I did not study in primary but then Babu Peter  find  somebody who help to get tablets which would help in Googling some subjects in order to kechup.

But then mama Kay and her group help us /donated tablets. The tablets helped us a lot. Hence it made easy for us to study the subjects. We where very thankful. Therefore at the end of the year we done our annual examinationand become the fifith in my class I was very happy.

In 2018 I get in form two  at that class we supported to enter in our National Examination in November. So I entered in that exam and I pass to get in form three. In which I got division II in which is nice.

In 2019, June Mzee Peter called me and he told me a I get a sponsor to take me to Renea Girls secondary school which is a private school I was very happy hence I knew I am taking science subjects so it will be difficult for me to pass the subjects at Ngongongare hence the school lack some laboratory  and teacher.

So at the same your I went to strait my lesson at Renea Girls Secondary School under Mama Ruth who was paying the school fee for me . I thanks her a lot hence she help in making my dreams come true.

In 2020, I entered in form four where by I was supported to enter in my National examination in November. But  march some disease entered so we where supported to have some holiday I went home and stay home for three months. The life was very hard then Mzee Peter helped us to get food in which he provided food for us  every Friday.

After those three months I got back to school the National time table change so I was supported to enter in my examination in December. So the Days come I was back home.

In 2021, My national examination results was out and I passed the examination. Then Mzee Peter help us to get tuition for pre form five. And he was able to get us to pre form five.

Generally; for all these years I lived in UAACC I experienced the following; live peace and hamoney sharing and caring English speaking and reading experience.But also confidence therefore I thank a lot Babu Peter, Mama C, Mama Mwajabu, Mama Kay, and also Safari Kay adventure.

If you’ve been inspired by our guest’s stories, please feel free to donate to our worthy organization. No matter how small, even $1 from everyone who reads this will go towards the education and living expenses for our children in Tanzania. Donate Here.


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