Destined To Travel Make A Difference Organization

Through the efforts of Destined To Travel we have been able to provide the children tuition for education, schooling and other educational needs, as well as day to day items.

The Non-Profit

Our non-profit, Destined To Travel Make A Difference Organization (DTTMADO), assists through its safari participants and encourages travelers to consider sponsoring a child which helps them complete “Form 1-4” (secondary education) which is equivalent to a USA high school education. Once the high school education is complete and the students maintain good grades, the government will select and pay for the education of their college or university.

Through the generosity of our participants, DTTMADO has successfully enrolled 8 children in secondary education!

Leaders Of Tomorrow Children's Home UAACC

(United African Alliance Community Center)

The home is located in Arusha, Tanzania and was founded in 2008 by Pete O’Neal and his wife Mama C to help improve the lives of disadvantaged children within the community. The home houses over 28 children and provides education and healthcare in a loving extended family environment. The children attend school and have private tutoring on a daily basis. Exciting and fun field trips are taken regularly to broaden the children’s perspectives and allow them to appreciate the grandeur of their country and the world!

Our Work in Action

Your Support Means a Lot

Each donation matters, even the smallest ones. Donate $2 (average price of coffee in the USA) and someone’s life will be changed!