Goals & Accomplishments

Here are some of the goals and accomplishments that we have achieved since starting DTTMADO, as well as some futures goals we are looking to reach

Biggest Goals Accomplished


We have provided anything from school supplies and clothes to other essentials like rain boots, coats, and umbrellas.



Whether its learning how to kick box, having basketball practice, or even throwing a fashion show, we have always provided entertainment for the kids.



Education is one of the most important things you can provide to a child. We’ve done our best to do so by providing tablets with learning apps for the kids and even having teachers participate from around the world.


Other Accomplishments

Provided health care for those who required it.

Provided dental care as needed for the children.

Attracted professionals with specific skills and talents to share with the children.

Purchased thousands of dollars of clothing and gear for the children.

Purchased laptops as needed for the children.

Continue to sponsor children for a higher education.

Current Goals


Further Education

to provide for higher education and opportunities  (such as college) for all of the children


Supplies & Educational Needs

to provide all the resources needed to achieve educational growth and development for all of the children