Pam (Washington)

Pam (Washington)

Visited 2015 and 2018

I have traveled with Safari Kay to Tanzania on “2” of her journeys. The animals were incredible but the CHILDREN of the Leaders of Tomorrow Children’s Home was the highlight of both my incredible experiences. When I saw the enthusiasm these children had for life despite having so little combined with their BRILLIANCE and TALENT, evident by their aspirations and matching knowledge, I knew then I was truly looking at diamonds in the rough, genius’ in the making, extraordinary world leaders who would make this world a better place for all who inhabit this planet…astrophysicist, musicians, 
physicians, computer programmers, models, activists, artists, authors, politicians, educators, scientists and more!  I asked myself, what could “I” do short of adopting them all, to make a difference in their lives that would ultimately make the difference in the lives of future generations?

I was in awe of the massive amount of goodness I saw being done to develop these beautiful children mentally, physically and emotionally.  I knew there had to be some powerfully wonderful adult leadership that was responsible for making these children whole and preparing them to make a difference to their communities, their country, our world.  

When I met their “Babu”, Pete O’Neal, and their Center Director, Mwajabu ,  I could see clearly WHY these children were on the trajectory to becoming world leaders!  Then I learned their “Mama C”, was out of country spreading the word about “The Leaders of Tomorrow Children’s Home” and how anyone with a heart for “Making A Difference”  could help benefit our next generation of leaders.

I missed meeting Mama C on both of my trips to Tanzania but an equally rewarding opportunity came when I was asked to become a BOARD MEMBER  of the Destined to Travel Make a Difference Organization, the non-profit arm of the Destined-to-Travel, LLC owned by Safari Kay for the “soul” purpose of helping, Pete O’Neal and Mama C continue their incredible life’s work of raising 28 children as their own and with unconditional love and support,  committed themselves to develop these children to become future “world leaders”.

I was honored and without hesitation responded with an enthusiastic, “YES”. It was the least I could do to help these children realize their dreams and goals and quite frankly to help close the equity gaps that currently exist between the haves and have nots which is detrimental to all of society. We are so much better when we work TOGETHER for the good of ALL! I knew this was the right thing but then it was confirmed! As fate would have it, I had the long awaited opportunity to meet one of the most incredible women I’ve met in my many years of living, “MAMA C”…the “Mama” to the Beautiful 28 children of the Children’s Home. Even more amazing, I was given an opportunity to host Mama C at my Washington State home in a “Make A Difference Fundraiser”. Along with several friends, I had the great pleasure of “raising our glasses” to the GREATNESS of her WORK in Tanzania on her March 2020 birthday!

 If you are unable to make the journey then please consider the OPPORTUNITY to support this incredible work of Mama C and her husband,  Pete O’Neal, Americans who live in Tanzania and the GUARDIAN ANGELS of 28 incredibly deserving children who reside in their Leaders of Tomorrow Children’s Home. THANK-YOU in advance for joining me in MAKING A DIFFERENCE in their lives which serves to MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the lives of future generations and ultimately will MAKE A DIFFERENCE in our World…ASANTE SANA!

If you’ve been inspired by our guest’s stories, please feel free to donate to our worthy organization. No matter how small, even $1 from everyone who reads this will go towards the education and living expenses for our children in Tanzania. Donate Here.


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Visiting with the children on two of our trips to Tanzania made our trips complete. One would think the safaris, wild animals, or the food would be top on the list, but, it’s not. The graciousness of our host, whom I respectfully call “Mr. Pete,” and his wife,

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Mama Kay asked us to share our words about our experience from the time we lived at the Leaders of Tomorrow Children’s Home.  These are my words.

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