Together We Can Provide Better Lives For The Children Of UAACC

Your Donation Can Change Lives

Your donations will change the lives of some of the brightest and most loving children in the world. There is no such thing as too little and you can donate in a variety of ways as shown below.


Any amount helps & all donations go to the Leaders Of Tomorrow Children’s Home UAACC in Arusha, Tanzania.



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Behind The Scenes

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Amongst the participants of DTTMADO we have had a Black historian (Frank), a Professional Rolfer (Lauren), a Computer Expert (Melo) and a Computer Genius (Kay’s cousin Michael), a Flight Attendant (Sharlene), a Retired Civil Servant (Cindy), and a Kick Boxer and Fitness Trainer (Stephanie); we have had many different skills among our participants.  Each year Kay and all the participants watch as the kids have so much fun and just let go. And each year, DTTMADO has surpassed it’s own expectations, more people hear about it, and sign up.

In the meantime, Kay was busy trying to get sponsors for the children’s high school education, and we’re proud to say that DTTMADO now has 8 children in private school, moving towards their higher education levels.  We cannot believe the things that have been done in such a short time.  From Michael initially raising funds to install solar, √, to bringing tablets for all the children, √, from bringing clothing and much needed items, √, to having Millie, one of DTTMADO’s repeat guests and Kay’s good friend, volunteer to donate funds for four years to support a child through school, √.  Since the beginning, Millie has helped our oldest student, who has graduated and is now at a University in Dar Es Salaam Tanzania. Now Millie continues to be a supporting sponsor for several children. We are very grateful and we applaud Millie for her generosity.